Private Yoga

Private and group yoga classes are available with any of our yoga teachers. Private sessions are tailored specifically to your needs and will address optimal alignment of your body. They are for everybody from beginners to advanced practitioners who want an individualized approach to yoga. We will focus on your goals and preferences so you can advance your yoga practice safely. Contact us at info@visionyoga.net with the details of what you are looking for and we can get back to you withmore information.

Yoga Therapy

We have several therapeutic yoga practitioners at Vision. The goal of yoga therapy is to use yoga as a healing modality to relieve pain and restrictions in the body. Sessions are tailored to your needs, using an holistic approach to healing that is customized to your body and your specific concerns.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy:

This yoga therapy is available when booking with our Certified Yoga Therapist Lyndsey Needham. Through assisted yoga postures and an open ended, non directive, dialog process, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Private Sessions offer you the opportunity to explore what's happening in the present moment-physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. It is with these awareness's that you may then draw a connection between your experiences and your daily life. Lyndsey will guide you through an experience using focused breathing techniques and yoga postures in order to allow the client an opportunity to verbalize in-the-moment experiences - thoughts, emotions, sensations. As with any therapy, receiving more than one session increases the client's ability to receive/experience the work. There is no right or wrong way to be in this work, Lyndsey will validate your experience instead of "correcting" it by providing a safe space full of presence and non judgmental witnessing. 

Many have credited yoga therapy with helping them heal from stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, grief, eating disorders, body image issues, aging, sickness and more. Clients often report improved physical and mental well being, greater emotional stability, clearer thinking and a new relationship to stress. 

What to Expect: 
The yoga therapist will guide clients through an external, physical experience, as well as an internal, self reflective experience. This allows you the opportunity to release tension, re-examine personal beliefs and habits that no longer serve you and facilitate healing & growth. 

Yoga therapy is great when combined with group classes and other wellness services like massage and acupuncture, for whole-person health and healing. It is suggested to start with at least 3 sessions. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
What do I wear? 
Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move and stretch in. 

What should I bring? 
Just bring yourself. You can also choose to bring a notebook if you'd like to write about your experience after the session. 

What if I'm recovering from an injury? Will it hurt? 
No, it will not hurt. The yoga therapist will instruct you on how to move safely, recognizing and honoring your edges.

Do I need previous yoga experience?

Why are most sessions practiced with eyes closed? 
Closing your eyes will help you turn inward and become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, images and life connections. It can create an opportunity to embrace your own personal truths, avoiding comparison to others, or even to yourself. 


Small Group Classes

Small group classes are a great option for parties, school activities, or a get-together with friends. You will choose the focus for your small group class, so your group gets a customized yoga experience.

Private Couple's Massage

Owner, Theresa Gorksi, is available for private consultations on select Saturday afternoons throughout the year. Learn specialized therapeutic and relaxing massage instructions custom for you and your partner.

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