Pilates Fusion Classes provide a great whole body work out focusing on mega abs, elongating through a smooth flowing combination of Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais. We add in very light weights, ball, stretch bands and more to give arms and legs a little more tone than the average Pilates mat class.

This class focuses on creating mild cardio through flow and constant movement, body sculpting through resistance and targeting transverses abdominals and oblique ab muscles and last but not least an exhilarating group of stretches that lengthen the spine and widen nerve openings and pathways.

Many students report feeling uplifted, mildly “sore” especially in the abs and hamstring/gluts and yet very relaxed. Depending on who shows for class we build in more and more vigorous exercises around the core class attendees and modify for injuries and body type for individual success.

Join us for a Pilates Teaser

Vision Underground | 12:30pm-1:30pm

Sept. 17, Oct 8th, Nov. 12th, Dec. 10th, Jan. 7th

"Pilates Teaser" workshops are an opportunity to little of everything Pilates in a way that's fun and not too strenuous, have a lively question and answer discussion about Pilates, Pilates fusion, Pilates private sessions and in the end find out what Pilates can do for you. We will play with the equipment try out different exercises and draw names for an on the spot mini private session. Check it out bring a friend!

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Do you ever experience low back, neck or joint pain in the knees, hips or shoulders? Book a Pilates fusion private and feel the relief!

 We begin with a carefully performed diagnostic session that feels really good and is very relaxing. It helps elongate the spine, frees up joint mobility and reveals the pattern of your body and ailment. The session gives you easy to follow steps that really heal and help you gain mastery over your injury.  At the same time we fine tune your exercise approach so it really works for your individual body type.  You will not only overcome joint restrictions, muscular weakness and lack of core strength you will feel uplifted and in much less pain!

If you're an athlete in great shape but wish to refresh your workout regime try just a few challenging core strengthening and muscle balancing exercises and notice better performance, more stamina as well as amazing built in injury prevention. The unique pieces of Pilates equipment, Cadillac and chair among others, whip you into shape in ways not possible in conventional exercise. Its truly a great workout that offers way more core strength, way more flexibility and yet the resistance creates long beautifully sculpted muscles “..that move like a cat rather than a brewery horse!” A quote from Joseph Pilates.  You can and will experience amazing results!

Ava is regularly available for Private Pilates sessions on: 

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11:00AM, 12:15PM and 4:45PM

To schedule an appointment please call the studio at 216.348.111 
or email info@visionyoga.net
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