Why I highly recommend Caressa Joyce and Elaine Hullihen’s Brahmrishi Teacher Training Program.

I have known Caressa Joyce since childhood, but it was not until after I returned from living abroad seven years ago that we got to know each other. Caressa is someone that lives with integrity, grace, and shares wisdom through everyday example. I was so happy to have reconnected to her, and thrilled when she said she believed in my Vision and wanted to help in launching Vision Yoga & Wellness in 2011. With years of co-leading a Thai Yoga Certification in San Francisco, Caressa is comfortable leading a class in training. Caressa has continued her education to become a Licensed Massotherapist with a 500 hour level CYT. It has been my pleasure to confidently refer clients to Caressa for Massage or yoga therapy and to be encouraged by her consistent outlook that is joyous and full of gratitude.

Elaine Hullihen has been teaching at Vision for almost four years and teaching yoga for much longer than that. Elaine is close to receiving her 500 level CYT through Bramrishi and has continued in her training and understanding of anatomy, philosophy, working with teens, those with PTSD, and has experience guiding non-traditional students through yoga practice. Elaine is not only an instructor but a visual artist who uses her creativity to weave philosophy and anatomy in such a way to allow students to have their own journey to the heart, by inviting her students to be open to the beautiful nuance of the body mind connection. Elaine speaks with authenticity and without ego. Her wisdom is backed by those teachers before her. Elaine is truly the teacher pointing to the stars; she releases you from feeling transfixed by her finger, instead inspires you to look beyond her and instead to awaken to a higher truth.

When deciding to launch a teacher training program at Vision, I wanted the leaders of the training to be someone whom I would have chosen if I could take the training again. I chose a duo who is guided and given the blessing to teach by their well-respected teacher Margot Milcetich, who has written the very complete Brahmrishi 200level YTT book. These Yoga Teachers inspire me and teach me through their genuine higher nature, their integrity, and their actions. If you are curious about the power of yoga to transform lives through awakening… if the thought of sharing yoga with non-traditional students in need inspires you… if you are ready for a deep awakening, to connect and sustain your higher nature to respond to life’s challenges, then I highly suggest Elaine and Caressa’s 200 level Brahmrishi Teacher Training.