Elaine Hullihen & Caressa Joyce

Elaine Hullihen & Caressa Joyce instructs the following:
  • BYTT Study Group: Yamas & Niyamas
  • Join Caressa and Elaine for an on-going series of 2-hour sessions that cover the topics of the Yamas and Niyamas, in the context of the 8-­‐Limbed Path of Yoga, and include movement (asanas/Chi Gung), meditation (mantra/ guided visualization), discussion (beginning with lecture, followed by Q & A), and light refreshments (hummus & pita, tea).
    These Study Group Sessions are the perfect introduction to the Brahmrishi Yoga Teacher Training for those interested in taking the training or those who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga but don’t intend to become teachers. Because the topics will weave in some of the other vital aspects of the training – Understanding the Energy of the Subtle Body through study of the Koshas, Chakras, Gunas, Vayus, and Bandhas, Refining Alignment, and Creating a Therapeutic Yoga Practice – participants will receive a sneak peek into the training, but also a thorough explanation of some fascinating subject matter.
    When: 1-­‐3pm, the first Saturday of the month, from September 2 to June 2
    Where: 2600 Church Ave (corner of Church Ave & W. 26th St.) NOTE: This event will take place upstairs; enter through the red door straight ahead of the courtyard entrance.
    Investment: $35 for each two hour session
    These workshops are intended for:
    • anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of yoga (teachers, students, even people who are new to the practice);
    • those interested in taking the next round of Brahmrishi Yoga Teacher Training (BYTT) in Fall, 2018 who want to earn credit hours in advance;
    • past trainees to refresh their memories of topics covered.
    The series will include the following workshops:
    September 2- Ahimsa (non-harming)
    October 7- Satya (truthfulness)
    November 4- Asteya (non-stealing)
    December 2- Brahmacharya (control of energy)
    January 6- Aparigraha (non-grasping)
    February 3- Saucha (purity)
    March 3- Santosha (contentment)
    April 7- Tapas (discipline)
    May 5- Svadhyaya (self-study)
    June 2- Ishvara Pranidhana (surrender to source)