Joanna Laurenzana

Yoga has taught me when to be free, how to accept support, the beauty of devotion and obedience as well as giving me the strength to be rebellious. With gratitude I have discovered that teaching has brought me a deeper connection to my personal practice and my role as a student. It is equal part a duty and a joy to share the teachings of SDM with my community.

“If you open your heart and become like a child, you will always be blissful, always content.”~ Sri Dharma Mittra

What to expect in Joanna's class: Dharma yoga is a heart-centered compassionate practice (classical hatha-raja style). Devotional and challenging yet simple and graceful. Students are encouraged to share their knowledge with each other and breathe joy and playfulness into their time together. Pranayama and meditation is introduced in different forms at all levels. We end class with yoga nidra, a guided restorative meditation.

Joanna Laurenzana instructs the following:
  • Beginner's Flow
  • Whether starting out brand new or reestablishing fundamentals for the intermediate student, Beginner's Flow Yoga has something for you! Expect to learn foundational alignment while incorporating props and flowing from pose to pose. Find grace in movement with strong emphasis on breath. Begin your yoga journey here and take the practice from the mat and into your life.