“What’s better doing less and achieving more or achieving less and doing way more?”  ~Not so ancient Qi Gong philosophical question.

With regular practice Qi Gong will transform your life by leaps and bounds towards working
smarter towards happiness and peaceful mental focus vs working harder and harder with less and less energy, pushing through fatigue, frustration and even anxiety or depression.

By learning to harness the energy that is all around us, Qi Gong practice creates robust health,
abundant supply of energy, superior physical strength as well as a happy positive outlook. Like Yoga there are specific scientific and anatomical reasons for the soothing yet energizing claims based on the beneficials effects of Qi Gong on the glands and brain chemistry as well as
the muscular skeletal structure. It is bone loading and toning however by far the most amazing thing about it is the effect on energy and mood.

Come start your day out with an extraordinary experience of fullness, positive thinking and health!