NOTE: ALL CLASSES AT VISION UNDERGROUND WILL BE HELD AT CLEVELAND PUBLIC THEATRE'S "old church" space 6201 DETROIT UNTIL MAY 1. Free parking available in the lot adjacent to the building.
Ava’s Pilates Fusion class is an easy going, fun filled combination of exercises that access deep core or “youth” muscles because you look and feel younger from this type of effort! Seamlessly alternating between Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrias and resistance bands we begin with belly
flattening deep breathe and end after a whole body strengthening experience. This class focuses on creating mild cardio through flow and constant movement, body sculpting through resistance and targeting transverses abdominals and oblique ab muscles and last but not least
an exhilarating group of stretches that lengthen the spine and widen nerve openings and pathways. Many students report feeling uplifted, mildly “sore” especially in the abs and hamstring/gluts and yet very relaxed. Depending on who shows for class we build in more and more vigorous exercises around the core class attendees and modify for injuries and body type for individual success.
LOCATION: Vision Underground - 2600 Church Ave., Cleveland. Lower level of St. John's Episcopal Church.