What to expect:Yoga to Remember is a gentle, open-level yoga class designed provide a safe space for students to explore the range of emotions that come up in a yoga practice, with specific attention given to grief. Class will begin and end with quiet meditation time. In between we will explore postures slowly, bringing attention to our breath in movement and stillness. Poses will be held for several breaths and many restorative options will be given. Class will end with a guided relaxation and savasana (resting time). Students are asked to bring a photo of a loved one, or moment they’d like to treasure, to place beside their mat during the practice.

Teacher Biography: Becky Verner, RYT-200, is a certified yoga teacher, practicing and teaching in the Cleveland area. After 10 years on and off her mat, Becky dedicated herself to her practice and earned her teaching certification in 2015. Her experience and passion as related to bereavement centers on the loss of her mother, Mary Jane Verner, to a sudden heart attack at the age of 42. Becky was 10 years old. In the 18 years since Mary died Becky has learned and enlisted a variety of coping tools including: talk therapy, art therapy, group counseling, and the life-changing 8 limbs of yoga. “For me, yoga brings freedom from many physical and emotional pains through introspection and gratitude. Grieving my mom is a big part of who I am; I miss her everyday. In my practice I find a sense of peace, acceptance and connection. When I roll up my mat, I’m stronger every time. I hope to share that with others.,” she says.